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                                                What does that mean? 


* A "psychic" is an individual who has the ability to perceive subtle energies and/or information. This information comes to the individual generally through the intuitive senses which mimic the workings of the physical senses. An adept intuitive or "psychic" can generally ascertain information about a person's history, personality, health, and current life choices. They can also provide clues about a person's future life path based on their current choices and trends. 


* A "medium" is a person who can connect and communicate with the consciousness of individuals who have transitioned into non-physical existence. They can also connect with the energies of other high vibrational,non-physical beings such as ascended masters, angels, and extra-terrestrials and light beings.


* An "intuitive healer" is an individual who is able to encourage another person's own innate ability to heal. As all things are made of energy, a practitioner is able to tap into a client's energy field to create an energetic change that helps with all levels of healing. This includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healings.




                            Your Greatest Self


Do you know how precious you are?

Did you know that EVERYONE has a purpose and meaning to their life?


I invite you to open your heart and realize that there is so much more to your experience of life. There is an unseen aspect of this world that I want to share with you and help you to understand better. Let me help you find that spark inside that will guide you to your greatest life.



Many people wonder about life after death. What some would call the survival of consciousness. In my experiences, we do live on. I am dedicated to helping others be more open to spiritual experiences and to let go of any fears or resistance to connecting with their loved ones who have passed on.



Life can be a bit overwhelming at times. For all of us at some time or another, our life experiences can almost feel too challenging for us to handle. With regard to anyone who is facing difficult obstacles, I always offer both respect and support.  I also share my perspective that though we may not be able to immediately change our situation, we always have control in how we respond to those situations. I love being able to guide others in how to view their challenges in more meaningful ways and assist in realizing how supported we really are.

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               Embrace your

        BEST LIFE


Do you have questions about your life path?

Would you like to connect with loved ones in Spirit who have passed on?

Are you open to a more holistic approach to your healing?

Do you desire to develop your own intuitive gifts and talents?



Amanda can help!  

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