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Always grateful to assist others on their spiritual path

Doing this work has always been a priviledge to me. Helping others is who I am at my core, however it means that much more when a client has an exceptional experience or my guidance or assistance made a particularly big impact in their lives.

Here are some testimonials from some clients for you to read!




" The lovely Amanda Limbert read my palm today and it was fascinating and very accurate! I loved that she saw the 'people magic' and why it’s so powerfully important to me. Excellent work & highly recommended. "


Irma Kaye Sawyer



" Before my first reading with Amanda, my life was good, but I wasn't able to put my finger on what was missing. Her words and vision helped me, an open skeptic, to identify pieces of myself and my soul that needed attention. And by following her advice, I changed the trajectory of my life. My life is genuinely more fulfilled for having met Amanda. She is a special woman and her gift is truly exceptional! "


Linda Anderson



" I love connecting with Amanda Limbert. Her and her intuitive abilities have always been able to offer insights that seem to weave together the jumbled bits and pieces of my own intuition into one beautiful tapestry. Truly gifted, Amanda shows up with such love and compassion offering her clairvoyant and intuitive abilities to see beyond and offer guidance and clarity, to help make sense of the nonsensical and share a higher perspective to one's experiences. "  


Monica Iglesias

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