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School Reading Events

I have been a reader for hundreds of students at some of the region's best colleges and universities. Here are a few locations I have done events at:

UMass Amherst, Northeastern University, Boston College, UConn, Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University, Quinnipiac University, University of New Haven, Framingham State University, Amherst College, Johnson and Wales and Franklin Pierce University.


I have also been honored to be part of many high school Grad Night celebrations. Here are a few schools I did readings for the seniors:


MA - Bellingham, Winchester, Braintree, Duxbury, Lincoln-Sudbury

CT - Tolland, Madison, Deep River, Simsbury

RI - Barrington

My Journey as an Intuitive

I have been a lifelong intuitive with a passion for helping others to find their own light and guidance.  I have the ability to provide insight into your journey and connect you with your loved ones who have passed on.
At 6 years old, I had a near-death experience. I had vomited while asleep and as I began to lose air, I was pushed out of my body through what felt like a pin-hole. It was a very strange experience to say the least and rather scary for this little girl. I briefly saw my body as if I was looking down on it. Immediately after seeing this I went right back into my body and woke up choking and attempted to yell for my parents. I tried to tell my parents about it the best I could, but they just didn't know what to make of it and probably chalked it up to the stress of the event.
Not long after that experience, I began to see "shadows" and movement in my room at bedtime before falling asleep. I also felt beings around me and had vivid dreams of things that would happen after having the dream (also known as pre-cognition). I even began to see bright lights and geometric shapes in the air and around others.
Understandably, as a child who was afraid and unsure of what was happening to me, I felt very self-conscious about having these occurrences. No one else I knew was having them and my family was unsure how to deal with them when I did feel comfortable to share about them. Over time, the experiences diminished, though I continued to have very vivid dreams, experience occasional visual phenomena, and could sense deeper things about others. 
As an adolescent, I started to question my spirituality and the cause of these experiences. While in college, I began a journey to understand more about what was occuring. I found that we all naturally have intuitive capabilities and can sense what I know now is non-physical energy. I felt drawn to learning how to develop and sharpen my intuitive abilities and eventually dedicated my life to helping others to embrace and develop their own intuitive gifts.
I Love What I Do!!
I am especially dedicated to guide those individuals with heightened sensitivities and spiritual gifts to embrace them and feel safe in expressing their uniqueness. I have learned that everyone is gifted with spiritual gifts, yet not everyone feels safe in exploring them. I am honored to walk beside you as you embrace your magnificence. Everyone deserves to be all they came here to be. I am here to help others step into their power, remember their truth, and connect with the greatest aspects of themselves.
Intuitive Development and Mediumship
Helping Children of Light / Starseeds (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Children) Embrace Their Spiritual Gifts
Assisting Parents in Communicating with their Pre-Natal / Infant / Special Needs Children
Guidance with Twin-Flame / Soulmate Relationships
Clarity about Global and Personal Ascension
I am proud to say I have studied professional mediumship with two nationally recognized mediums - John Holland and Suzane Northrop
My Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor Trainer is Michelle McCarthy with the Heart2Heart Healing Connection.

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